How to wind Replica Rolex watch

13Rolex winding knowledge and matters need attention

There are some tips about how to wind Rolex watch. I will demystify the knowledge of how to wind Rolex watch and the elements that may affect the winding. I hope it can be helpful and I hope you would like it!

【The winding of Rolex watch】
Firstly, all the so-called “automatic things are conditional. Therefore, the mechanical things have to follow the principles. And it is the same with the watch. The premise of “automatic” is that you have to do some manual operations first. According to the physical principle of working, horizontal movement of objects does not work (unless you lash with accelerated speed). Therefore, the swiss replica rolex is not wound if you just move your arm horizontally.

The most effective way of self-winding is that you lash your arm along the cover of the tourbillon. In this way, the spin of the tourbillon reaches its full speed. However, if you lash your arm along the axle of the tourbillon, the automatic tourbillon will not spin. Swing arms is a causal action, and forcecan be axial and radical, while only the radical force can work.

Secondly, there are two forms of self-winding: unidirectional and bidirectional. The unidirectional winding is that the watch must be wound in one direction, while the bidirectional winding means that you can wind the watch in bothdirections.Nowadays, there are more bidirectional self-winding cheap rolex replica watches than unidirectional ones. I feel that the automatic tourbillon spin faster when I lift up my arm than when I put it down.

The reason is that the tourbillon is forced to change its position and state when your arm lashes up and down. Sometimes, the change and reaction of the tourbillon cannot follow the rhythm of your arm. The self-winding watch can also be wound by manual operation.