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But the real wristwatch breakthrough came in 1904, when, according to Cartier lore, a Brazilian aviation pioneer named Alberto Santos-Dumont complained to his friend Louis Cartier of the shortcomings of fumbling with a pocket watch on a short test flight. Cartier made his friend a flat, square wristwatch called, appropriately, the Santos. In the process, Cartier popularized wristwatches in France and throughout the world. In the early 1920s , Cartier partnered with fellow Frenchmen Jaeger and Breguet to produce movements for its watches. Other illustrious Cartier collaborators included Swiss makers Vacheron Constantin , Patek Phillipe , and Audemars Piguet.

This beautiful watch is a work of art, featuring blued steel hands and signature cartier roman numerals (with Cartier on the X digit). Includes scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Case is rectangular and measures 18.6mm x 34.8mm and is the first line of Cartier to feature a curved case back to mirror the natural curve of the wrist. Famously worn by Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama and others the womens Cartier Tank watch is a bold statement in fashion and design. With it’s romantic numeric dial and sharp steely blue arms it is a monument of simplicity and beauty to contrast any occasion

Do you believe that luxury watches are also good investments? Soon after studying the testimonies of different people that is well familiar with luxury watches, it came down into one conclusion that it is not for everybody. Investing with high-class pieces ingests solid information and lots of researches done. Not enough knowledge about the actual investments for luxury watches will only cause disaster on the investors’ part. In the next lines, I will restrict just to Cartier, since that’s the brand I’ve been following for a long time. Some models have see-thru backs, so the movement can be inspected on the spot and they were all individually numbered.

During the last financial crisis the high-end watch market took a serious plunge. Luxuries such as the purchase of expensive watches tends to be one of the first things to go during rough economic times. The Swiss watch market is especially sensitive to economic depressions, and finds itself always having to aim where new money is. This is because high-end wrist watches for the most part are a poor economic investment. You should buy them because you love them, because they are beautiful, and because you want to wear them. Not because you think they will hold or increase in value.

VS1″ and “VS2″ stand for “very slightly included,” meaning the flaws are only seen with difficulty under 10x magnification. If you desire your girl appreciated forever, it will be wise to offer her a classic couple of stilettos. Much from the great jewelry I have found here has been in the apparel boutiques- so spend a day here to really meander into every nook and cranny- you won’t be able to help you yourself anyway. Just soft as Cartier love bracelets , as soon as you saw the Cartier gold love bracelet, a feeling of love will arise in your bottom of heart.